The Patch

The Patch is located on a large block of currently publicly owned land in the Northern Suburbs of Darwin in the Northern Territory Of Australia

Welcome to our Patch

This is more than a piece of land. The Patch is a garden and a meeting place. It is a tiny corner of the world where people can share their hopes and build a stronger, more inclusive and sustainable local community.
Originally described as "Our little Patch of Paradise".
There is an evolving philosophy at The Patch that seeks to 'Patch' some of the holes that have formed in the fabric of our society. We turn our back on inequality, disability and discrimination and focus on the gifts brought by the wide range of people who come to participate in the life and activities of our group. The Patch is about creating an inclusive and welcoming environment for young people with learning difficulties, in order that they may go on to live fully creative and productive lives.
The Patch provides the facility for students to engage in project based educational programs and is focused on achieving recognized learning outcomes that correlate directly to the educational needs of the students in preparation for joining the workforce.
Through the students own achievements a precedent for much deeper and more connected community experience has been set for us all to follow. Viva le Patch!

This site is a work in progress... Please check in from time to time to see what's happening

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